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Posted by LennonBlack - March 19th, 2019


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have written one of these! So, someone very close to me passed away last month and I have been in a funk for a bit. I am not over it... but I am starting to make my peace with it. I don't think I will ever be over it... but I am bouncing back... Who says alcohol doesn't help?! 

So season 9 of My Little Pony is officially the last season and that sucks! I plan to keep drawing pones as long as there is audience for it. Who knows, maybe I will be drawing G5 pones in the future! (If I like G5.) But I want to keep drawing the Rarity and ponies I know and love for as long as I can!

I am also doing some things on the side, like music collabs! There is a song coming soon-ish about a certain purple maned unicorn. It is pretty much completed but the artist and I are waiting for an official releasing. I was working on a fursuit mask... but it came broken?! Woe is me! It was a skull base of a wolf, and it came cracked... I bought it from Russia with no returns and the maker of the mask barely speaks English... So poo.

But if any of you wanna chat or something I am always a few key strokes away! I try my best to always reply to everyone. Thanks for reading! 


Posted by LennonBlack - January 10th, 2019

I know the flow of my at has been rather slow, but I am not stopping! I am just SUPER busy with life stuff as well as a few new commissions. I am also working on a saucy project with a musician. So hopefully that does not fall through! Thanks for understanding everyone! If you wanna be kept up to date on my latest projects. Join my Discord server!  

Posted by LennonBlack - December 31st, 2018

Stay safe and responsible everyone! Let's make this a art filled year!


Posted by LennonBlack - December 16th, 2018

Thank you eveyone for supporting my work and following me on here. I really thought the death of tumblr. was the end for me but you all showed me otherwise! Thank you all for migrating over with me to newgorunds. It really means a lot. I promise to keep drawing and to keep trying to be the best that I can be for you all. 

Posted by LennonBlack - December 10th, 2018

The tumblr apocalypse is near! With everyone scattering everywhere, I just wanted to point out that I am always looking for fellow artist to work and collab with! Don't be afraid to message me! 

Posted by LennonBlack - December 4th, 2018

Hey! If you are from tumblr or elsewhere, thanks for finding me! Unfortunatly before you all came some jack off went and blasted all my work. I can take criticism, but this person did not even comment why they did not like my work. This individual just blasted each piece once I uploaded it. I probably know why... I am not asking for 5 stars, just rate my work respectfully please. Give me some pointers if you have any as well! Thank you. 


Posted by LennonBlack - December 3rd, 2018

Hello, I guess I am here as well now becasue of tumblr's stupidity. I honestly put off coming here for so long cause honestly... I feel like I am not good enough to showcase my art work here. There are people here with FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC art and animtion. I feel like my art fails by comparrsion. Well, reguardless I am here now and hopefully you all are not too judemental or too harsh with critiques. I am still learning and maybe you all can help me improve here. Thank you.